Business Assurance Consulting

At Tesfinity we understand that time of your staff , Money and other resources are limited & valuable and thus these should be used judiciously. That’s why we came up with “No frills Consulting” model that delivers the same quality but at the fraction of resource consumption that you might be incurring today.

Strong Test processes are essential to the vitality and profitability of any organization. Tesfinity’s right advise consulting methodology provides the advise and guidance you need to ensure your test processes are well thought of, robust, in tune with the changing technology and closely align with your business goals. Our Test process consulting methodology is fast, flexible, effective and sensitive to your ongoing operations.

Our analysts, focus on the test process improvement by helping your team understand process complexities and identify the changes that help to maximize performance, align processes with your business goals, and build competitive advantage.

Consulting Model

Highlights of our Test Process Consulting Approach

  • Easy questionnaire based approach makes the AS-IS and To-BE process easy and faster
  • No all day lengthy sessions required thus your employees can continue on working on their daily jobs while they provide inputs to us in the templates
  • Template based process makes the requirement capture and assessment smooth & consistent
  • Remote interactions with most of your employees in a time slicing manner is an excellent way to socialize the change in your organization
  • No travels involved thus saving money and lower costs to you
  • Process consulting aligned to your business goals
  • Our test priority technique offers flexibility to tune only the processes that your organization needs most

Tesfinity has created the software testing frameworks, using best practices and industry standards, with an aim to drive efficiency and embed the quality right from the beginning of application lifecycle. Our frameworks have a unique ability to be tailored as per your organization process capability, maturity level and business goals