Test Process Assessment/Improvement

Test Maturity Assessment & Improvement
Are you doing too much or Too little testing: How much testing is Enough?

With increased application testing, inefficiencies can become more evident and problematic. To get a pulse of the inefficiencies so accumulated over the period of time, Test process assessment can help achieve various strategic and tactical objectives of an IT organisation. Tesfinity’s Test maturity framework provides a methodical way of getting the details of the pain areas of a QA organisation and provides the information to develop a practical and prioritized road map to address these areas. Tesfinity assessment model provides the framework against which the maturity or the level of capability of an organisation can be measured.

Tesfinity’s Test Maturity Assessment and Improvement service provides insights into your testing maturity, industry benchmarking and a roadmap to more efficient testing. It helps you ensure that your testing Processes continue to operate to full potential and in tune with the chaning times

A Global Team of Testing Process Improvement Specialists
Several tools are being used today to improve the efficiency test process assessment. Experience shows that each assessment models has its own capabilities and limitations. The key factor that plays a vital role is the skill and experience of the assessing consultants in addressing the areas that assessment models cannot.

Our Test Maturity Assessment and Improvement services are based on Test Process Improvement (TPI) methodology, which we have customized to suit the needs of organizations, we call it “TPI-TUNE“.

TPI-TUNE” provides a powerful model along with step-by-step guide to realize business-driven test process improvement. This innovative framework provides bench-marking against the industry standards, has the ability to create comparison of the test maturity of other firms in your sector. It helps to provide a clear and objective assessment of the relative maturity of your test processes and structure.This provides a valuable guidance in order to make better-informed decisions about improving the performance of your testing organization.

Our complete testing maturity assessment framework helps you address your key test process challenges, realize a higher level of test maturity and achieve more streamlined and efficient processes. Our business-goals driven approach to improving your testing process provides several significant benefits:

  1. Where you are - Clear insight into the existing maturity of your test processes and your competitive positioning
  2. Where you want to be – An complete roadmap and steps needed to achieve your business-specific goals
  3. Clear alignment with business goals – More efficient and effective test processes aligned with your key business drivers
  4. Focus on Core – Increased productivity and reduced time to market, resulting in lower test costs
  5. Insignts - Access to industry best practices and experience
  6. Risk Hedging – Minimized business and technical risk through regulatory compliance, particularly relevant in financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and government
  7. Business Assurance using our proven approach

We work with you to develop a testing organization

  • That would help empower and enable your core team on 30% key test planning and preparation activities
  • That addresses your key test execution challenges using test execution factory model
  • Sound processes that enhance performance, efficiency and effectiveness, and delivers significant productivity gains.

Tesfinity offers practical recommendations for continuous improvement by:

  • Measuring and scoring your existing process maturity using our “TPI-TUNE” assessment framework
  • Benchmarking the test maturity of your organization against the industry standards
  • Defining a roadmap for success to deliver prioritized & actionable plans based on business objectives
  • Leveraging “Tesfinity collaborative partner network” we offer accelerators such as test execution services, innovative testing tools, Test infrastructure & best practices. Our framework is based on our central themes viz. reduced costs, improved productivity