Collaboration 360 Test Execution Factory

Tesfinity Collaborative Factory Testing Framework

Companies around the world invest more than $50 billion per year on applications testing and quality assurance. We believe that expensive is not always the best and you need collective industry and technology expertise / innovative process & engagement models to that suits a specific business need. Tesfinity’s collaborative test execution factory model  leverages the shared service model for businesses and provides the benefits of shared resources/infrastructure and technological and business expertise at a global scale.

Statistics have shown that the cost of correcting a software defect increases exponentially as the software development life-cycle progresses in the successive phases. The figure below depicts the increase in the cost of correction of a defect as the phase progresses.
        Stage                                                      Cost

  • Software Development Stage                 1x
  • Code and Unit testing                              5x
  • Integration and System testing               10x
  • UserTesting                                            15x
  • Post Release                                           30x

Cost of Testing with Phase

Organizations are continuously looking for new ways to curtail testing costs while increasing testing coverage. Tesfinity can deliver benefits beyond cost reductions in terms of scalability improvements, and also improvement in testing productivity through automation and large scale test execution industrialization.

At Tesfinity’s we understand that this can lead to significant effort, time and resources  apart from huge maintenance and reputation costs, this is the reason our strategy ensures that quality is weaved into the application development life cycle right since the word go.

Connect with us to learn more about the potential benefits of Tesfinity’s Testing Services:

  • Up to 40 percent reduction test operation costs
  • Positive ROI through centralization of software test operations
  • Faster speed to market, on budget
  • Significant increase in predictable application quality