Travel and Hospitality

Global hospitality industry is witnessing growth after the long period of slowdown. The growth, however comes with a new set of challenges. These include rapidly changing demographics of the travelers and impact of newer social channels on the guests engagement. The need is to constantly leverage emerging technologies to the benefit of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry at the same time delivering the personalized experience at every touch point and effectively deploy loyalty perks in the entire value chain. The aim of Tesfinity is to ensure that companies have the right information technology and quality strategy in place to effectively leverage emerging technologies to not only navigate the barriers effectively but also take business to the next level of engagement.

There is an increased competition between the companies to attract and retain guests. Smart Analytics based engagement through multiple channels like websites, social media, mobile have become crucial to the success of hospitality sector. Guests need the assurance that what they see on these channels is really what they get and the quality of service is enriching and fulfilling to win customer loyality and get return business.

Technology can play a major role in the transformation of travel and hospitality industry. Tesfinity offers innovative business models, business processes, people skills, tools and framework to provide end-to-end software testing solutions to our clients.

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