Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail industry is witnessing a high speed growth. Tesfinity very well understands the breadth and the needs of retail industry. Our experience in retail tells us that generic technology solutions do not work for all so specific tailor made solutions need to be delivered based on nature of the industry. For instance, our end-to-end software testing solutions for a fashion apparel retailer are and should be different from that of a multinational grocery retailer. We truly appreciate this detail which we believe is the core of our continued customer focus in catering to their needs and exceeding the expectations.

Tesfinity software test consulting and test execution solution for retail covers the entire retail IT landscape including in-store solutions, enterprise management, and warehouse management.

Tesfinity’s solution focuses on:

  •  •Driving revenue growth and margins in an environment of reduced consumer spending
  •  •Reducing costs through supply chain, sales, and merchandising optimization
  •  •Enabling customers compete for “wallet-share” against a variety of growing consumer options
  •  •Assist in maintaining the appropriate price image for our customers’ customers
  •  •Help understand customer behavior through sophisticated analytics of consumer buying behavior
  • Accuracy, customer experience and reliability form the keystones of our retail offerings.

Tesfinity offers the following testing services for the retail industry:

  • Test Process Consulting
  • Functional/Regression Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compliance Testing

The services can be part of a total outsourced solution or as individual managed services to deliver specific value to the client’s program of work.

With globalization and increased competition, retailers worldwide are faced with lack of right information, at right time and at right place. This can be achieved only through reliable integration across applications as well as increased collaboration throughout the retail value chain. Also, the retail IT landscape is ever changing because of changing market conditions, changing regulations, mergers & acquisitions and multiple channels to reach customers. These systems become more unreliable and inaccurate each time organizations try to tweak them to fit new business imperatives. All too often, the alignment of technology with business objectives gets bogged down by integration problems and progresses no further than the white board.

These have lead to increasing spending on testing services. Today, most of the retailers either don’t have or have an immature testing process in place essentially because this is not their core-competency. In today’s world a retailer needs a reliable testing partner, who understands their business and has proven expertise. Tesfinity has been addressing the business needs partnering with retailers big and small providing them with its testing solutions, helping customers get a truly independent view, access to the best minds in testing, faster time to market, and improved solution all at a competitive price.

Retail world is constantly transforming with changing market trends, millions of customers and market globalization. In this period of transformation and swift change, retail systems are becoming business critical and are evolving to provide competitive benefits. With little or no margin for error, they need experienced partners who can perform unbiased QA.

Retail sectors require proven testing services that address retailer’s need for new and better ways to process payments, mitigate risk and verify a wide range of end user scenarios.

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