Energy & Utilities

Over the past decade, technology has evolved at a faster pace. As with every technology there is a bearing on the power consumption pattern. The changes in customer consumption demands, regulatory framework and industry structures have resulted in the creation of utilities market that is more competitive, dynamic and commoditized. To thrive in this new environment, power distribution and generation companies must work to devise a solid strategy to tide over the challenges. Technology can play a vital role to help develop new skills, capabilities and innovative ways of working that will allow them to:

  • Face risk and uncertainty and seize new business opportunities with confidence.
  • Identify and meet ever-evolving customer demands and regulatory regime.
  • Asset optimization and driving operating efficiencies.
  • Using technology to advantage by leveraging innovative business models and reducing technology costs while improving availability, safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage emerging technologies in ways that truly drive high productivity of resources.

Achieving operational excellence and resource optimization amid the challenges of today’s complex utility environment requires better, more flexible and more sustainable approaches to managing power generation.

Technology can play a major role in the transformation of power utility companies. Tesfinity offers innovative business models, business processes, people skills, tools and framework to provide end-to-end software testing solutions to our clients.

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