Credit Unions

The right technology enables business differentiation, which requires a right partner, significant forethought and planning, system flexibility, and configurability. Credit unions need to leverage latest trends in IT to connect with young customers, who may become brand customers actively using the online service, develop IT enabled services for aged, retired and local customers . Credit unions should focus on the expansion of online usage to drive average transaction cost down.

Credit unions need to use IT to increase the average number of products held per customer across the brands. Increased focus should be on IT strategy across the products and services to maximize the transactions and in turn revenue. Moreover strive to become a Green organization by reducing less paper to significantly save cost and operational effort and contribute to green initiatives

Credit unions should apply their culture and beliefs to formulate its sourcing strategy. In order to be successful, it is important that they have right set of service-level agreements (SLAs) in place tied to the performance. The trusted partner comes with a relationship mindset based on a close-knit partnership developed from a shared and common understanding of and belief in the goals of the business, thus, weaving the brand culture throughout both customer-facing and internal operations.

Tesfinity IT Strategy Consulting

Our IT consulting services is focused on delivering value to the business while transforming IT. We achieve this by developing an optimized operating model with clearly outlined financial benefits, improved performance aligned to business objectives.