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CIOs focus on IT Budgets: Where is the Money Going?

A Study conducted by Tesfinity Research

Most CIOs have a pretty good understanding of where their capital is invested but only a limited understanding about the areas that have highest potential of Capex gains without sacrificing the quality. As per the recent study commissioned by “Tesfinity Research” some interesting details emerged, which provided us even interesting insights on how currently IT budget is spent by the organizations…. Read More…


Mobile: A Paradigm Shift that is increasingly Driving Business Strategies

A perspective by Tesfinity Consulting

Mobility is fast becoming an essential strategy that would help organizations grow their business in the new ways unimagined before. It is thus imperative to leverage mobile not only to connect with customers, but also with employees, partners, stakeholders and machines on web-enabled devices of every kind to create the opportunities that increase productivity, enhance collaboration and drive efficiencies. Read More…


The Digital Enterprise

An article by Cheryl Johnson, Executive Director Tesfinity Consulting & Research

Digital Technologies and what is shaping up Digital adoption: Digital technologies are increasingly going to drive the businesses globally. While it presents a huge opportunity to leverage All things Digital, at the same time it brings in the threats for all businesses. At Tesfinity, we draw an organization wide strategy tailored to individual industry and company needs, that can help companies successfully transition to a truly digital enterprise. Read More…


Formulating Digital Strategy

When we speak about the term “Digital Strategy”, most of the companies respond by stating that they have digital presence and that they are using digital in some way or the other in their businesses. So what makes a truly digital strategy. Read More…