Collaboration Framework

What Does Tesfinity Collaboration 360 Program Means

  • Our goal is to establish a strong working relationship with the best available suppliers and collaborate with them for more of our business. Ideally, we would want to maintain a smaller base of niche & high-quality suppliers and work together to develop stable, consistent, long-term, strategic partnerships — outstanding relationships.

What it means to Tesfinity Suppliers

  • Suppliers can expect relevant feedback on their fitment for doing business with Tesfinity. Suppliers selected for preferred status will receive regular feedback and access to our network that will help improve their operations at local and global levels. The feedback includes performance assessment and collaborative business plans. Successful partners can expect to participate in evolving business opportunities with Tesfinity.

What it means to Tesfinity Customers

  • In a global environment of ever-changing expectations and performance benchmarks, the Tesfinity Collaboration 360 Program provides a framework to help ensure that we meet our quality standards & service levels and that our customers continue to receive products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.

What it means to Tesfinity Employees

  • Through the standardization and strengthening the network of communication that the “Tesfinity  Collaboration 360 Program” offers, Tesfinity employees throughout the world are well equipped to provide value adding information and guidance to our suppliers.