Global Collaborative Delivery Model

Tesfiniti – Collaboration 360 Program (Global Collaborative Delivery Framework)

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean – Ryunosuke Satoro

Collaboration has become a much talked about word more so in the corporate circles where the collaboration is being used in various spheres and with varying degrees of success. Some of the key benefits of Collaboration as envisaged by the industry pundits is Cost Optimization and Productivity gains. However the problem with limiting the collaborative abilities within the boundaries of an organization is that it poses a limit to what can be achieved by tweaking the existing model to make it more efficient.

Growth remains the single biggest challenge for corporations today. In order to thrive in the Global market place that this world has become today, growth comes at a premium. Call it innovation or marching ahead of time. Innovative approaches and newer models are required in every aspect of business right from Sourcing, Processing, Operations, Delivery and Customer Service. Technology is fast becoming single most enabling factor that seamlessly cuts across all the business functions and service lines. It is a proven fact now that Technology has all the capabilities to infuse innovation in every step and provide a competitive edge to the businesses. Today technology is easily accessible and getting changed every day at a rapid pace, what sets apart one company from other is the ability to harness right technology with right resources and at right place & time.  Hence formulating Technology Strategy plays a pivotal role in defining the success road map of any organization

To be able to drive growth organizations need to open their boundaries so as to extend collaboration beyond organizational limits. Collaborating with the companies in niche and specialized technologies and to work collaboratively with suppliers to create new products & and services and to conquer new markets. collaboration can become a win-win scenario for both the organizations where growth is driven primarily through enabling innovation beyond the company’s specific areas of expertise, offering access to many more innovative ideas, which improves the quality of those taken forward, reduces risk in innovation by transforming potential competitors into collaborators, and offers faster monetization of value.

In the time when tough economic times are hitting hard the Small and Medium enterprises the most, it is the Small-Help-Small approach that if executed smartly can help generate growth in a time when growth for any company is both desperately sought and elusive. We are seeing more and more interest in working with suppliers to generate growth and this interest is coming from a range of technology areas. Our premise is to not only work collaboratively with suppliers to drive down costs but also using these relationships to drive new revenue streams.

We believe that running a business is about building long-term, trusting and fair relationships between people. Our founding principles demonstrate a commitment to collaboration from the top down. We are continuously investing human and intellectual capital to devise newer ways of collaborating with our suppliers throughout our business. Our global strategy speaks unequivocally about our commitment to working in this way with suppliers to demonstrably drive growth.