SMB Challenges

In the melee of globalization, outsourcing and rapid technological change,  it is the small and medium business sector (Both small and mid size technology service providers and small and mid size technology consumers) who are struggling in terms of increased competition, ever rising labor and infrastructure costs, recessionary pressures and regulatory challenges. Small and mid-size business have historically been considered  as engines for economy growth and ability to fire up these growth engines is the only sure fire way to put economy back on track. Tesfinity aims to provide the benefits of Global Delivery Model to small & medium enterprises by creating strategic collaborative partnerships with Global Small and Medium IT providers who have created a niche product or service in the area of IT software, services and infrastructure. This would provide a wide variety of technology choices for SMB customers and at the same time also provide global customer base for Small IT suppliers by leveraging global reach that Tesfinity offers.

Small & Medium Enterprises – Key Challenges

For many small & medium businesses, today it has become a big challenge & constant struggle to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.  So it is imperative for SMBs to leverage cost and speed to their advantage which would enable them adopt differentiating strategies and thrive in the competitive landscape. To keep pace with the evolving technologies it has become increasingly crucial to for small and midsize companies to utilize technology to gain better operational efficiencies, faster time-to-market and come out with innovative products and solutions to set-up a solid foundation for future growth. Tesfinity works with SMBs worldwide to create tailor made portfolio of testing solutions designed specifically for Small & medium businesses. By leveraging Tesfinity’s Collaboration 360 global delivery model you can choose solutions that best fit your needs and help you achieve profitable growth in a highly dynamic market.

What Are Potential Inhibitors for Small and Medium Enterprises

High Cost of Technology – Most of the Small and Midsize business across the globe have not been able to get benefitted by the constant advancements in testing processes, methodologies and resources. Prime reasons being high cost associated with maintaining the required infrastructure and inability to afford skilled test resources to perform the job. Hence SMBs present a huge opportunity in terms of streamlining their test infrastructure, processes etc.  These services provided at a competitive cost will help SMBs become sustainably competitive in the present economic scenario.

Lack of Knowledge & Expertise- Small companies are often reluctant to try innovative approaches to information management because of lack of required knowledge & the cost of the hardware and software infrastructure. The potential disruption of processes already dependent on overstressed resources and the lack of in-house expertise

Inability to maintain & retain skilled Resources – Statistics have shown that North American Business Engine is fuelled to a very large extent by small and medium sized businesses. These Smaller firms are constantly battling larger firms for market share, sales ad last but no mean least resources. Technology is imperative to ensure the success of small and large organizations.  Technology and adoption of industry recognized standard processes also helps in attracting and retaining skilled employees. In today’s highly competitive, knowledge based economy, skilled people like IT helps to provide a competitive edge to the organizations. In the age where advanced technology industries are becoming more and more prevalent, employees in these fields also require greater challenge and autonomy. IT professionals are more interested in working with latest & high profile technologies, training on emerging technologies, trends & processes which helps employees to chart out their career path rather than mere a job