Way Forward

Getting Started with Testing Processes

Companies new to or considering testing should be aware of low-cost and easy solutions that will help them get started. For example, Tesfinity offers a free 25 point test maturity assessment for your organization’s test/quality processes called TesFinD’. When you are ready to step into low-cost complete solutions, Tesfinity’s TConsult’, ‘MiniCoE’ will help you reap the benefits of planned testing approach in driving speed-to-market, low operating costs and efficiencies. Do write in to us and we will calculate the RoI for you for free using our process based ROI calculator.

Companies considering Setting up Test organization should consider the following steps to get started:

  1. Talk to our expert advisor about the benefits of Test Processes and learn best implementation practices. Visit www.tesfinity.com
  2. Our analysts will help you conduct a free ROI analysis using our RoI calculator.
  3. Utilize our free 25 point test maturity assessment for your organization’s test/quality processes called TesFinD’
  4. Start slowly by piloting the processes in less critical & smaller application, to introduce new processes & become comfortable, before tackling more critical business apps. In the end, most, if not all, of your application will be great candidates for test transformation

Our Solutions

  • Fits Your Time & Budget – Tesfinity understands the problems prevailing small and mid-size business. That’s the reason we work with our customers to provide tailor made testing solutions with flexible & affordable cost models like pay as you go, subscription, monthly charge back, fixed price & outcome based pricing options. Our Collaborative Delivery model provides a range of suppliers with rapid implementation tools help you get started in just weeks.
  • Fits the way you do Business - Tesfinity’s ever expanding Collaboration 360 model offers a full range of industry specific solutions to support your end-to-end processes and unique requirements.
  • Fits Your level of IT expertise – Tesfinity’s testing solutions offer a wide range of deployment options viz. onshore, offshore, near shore & best shore.  from “on premise” to “on demand,” enabling you to make the best use of technology.
  • Fits the way your employees work – Tesfinity’s testing solutions will make sure that your workforce comes up-to-speed on the latest technology, processes, tools and business trends in the industry and adept enough to take the changes forward
  • Fits Your Future Plans – Tesfinity’s testing solutions are both specific to need and end-to-end testing portfolio i.e. modular and scalable, so you can build and expand at a pace that is ideal for your business.