Small & Medium Businesses

“IT is Lightening up the world let Small & Mid Size businesses be the forerunners”

One of the largest pie of IT budgets and resources in midsize companies is consumed in keeping existing systems and business applications up and running at maximum performance. Mid size organizations are constantly stretching capacity and functionality, which means resources are perennially focused on maintenance rather than working on delivery of innovative systems to support business objectives, provide better customer service and streamline operations.

Some of the companies spend up-to $1 Million a month just to fix and repair the broken software

To help our clients address this ongoing challenge, Tesfinity offers a full bouquet of business assurance services which includes test process consulting, governance mechanism and testing services delivery by leveraging our global collaborative network of  testing services, test software & cloud based test infrastructure partners. Our unique delivery model is designed to identify non-core work, supply required skills and enable your resources to maximize the business value of your applications.