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Testing Infrastructure Providers – Cloud Infrastructure for testing (IaaS)

According to both anecdotal and published reports, approximately 50% to 70% of the technology infrastructure earmarked for testing is underutilized, which itself presents a huge opportunity to free-up the value and money locked in the avoidable infrastructure spend apart from offering a flexible utility like on-demand flexibility.

By applying our experience & understanding of how testing infrastructure can be optimized in line with organization business process, Tesfinity can provide expert consulting to help unlock the value invested in IT infrastructure capabilities. Tesfinity’s industry expertise, global network of cloud infrastructure suppliers, and leading infrastructure modernization and testing capabilities help clients on innovation, efficient operations, drive down costs up to 40% & accelerate delivery of exceptional results.

With our extensive industry expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes, we are uniquely qualified to work with clients who wish to reduce time spent on software test cycles and enhance roll-out of strategic, core business products roll out. Organizations that leverage Tesfinity’s holistic approach to business assurance consulting and collaborative testing infrastructure services can realize substantial improvements in business flexibility, cost savings, and speed to market.

Our vision is to be one of the trusted test consulting organization and largest system integrator for delivering collaborative testing services & infrastructure.

Tesfinity consultants have vast experience in optimizing investments in testing and aligning them to business requirements. Tesfinity’s Test consulting Services, domain expertise, network of academia & researchers, and global footprint can help increase productivity, shorten product roll out cycles and unleash growth for organizations around the world.

Our global collaborative networked model works with IT infrastructure companies, to leverage their cloud based products & services and develop custom, secure and highly scalable software testing infrastructure that requires a low initial investment as per the needs of our global consulting customers.

Our software test consulting-led approach intends to deliver end-to-end testing solution to the customers which includes testing infrastructure components

  • Global Test Execution Factory
  • Cloud based virtualized test environments
    • Service virtualization
    • Platform as a service (PaaS) Model
    • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Model
  • Cloud based testing tools – Software as a Service (SaaS) model
    • Performance Testing tools
    • Automation testing tools
    • Security testing tools
    • Mobile testing infrastructure
    • Mobile application testing tools
    • Test Management Tools
    • Usability testing platforms

Our integrated Cloud Testing solution extends beyond cost. The differentiating non cost related aspects include on-demand flexibility, Avoidable Infrastructure spend i.e. no need to set up and hold & maintain the assets and greater collaboration, higher levels of efficiency and most important is faster time-to-market for critical business applications.

Tesfinity’s model helps to bring in diverse skills, capabilities and expertise to continuously develop & evolve industry specific delivery models, processes, frameworks and infrastructure for delivering consistently high software quality

We have set out in our journey to help other small organizations on the way. We would definitely like to meet & welcome other like minded organizations or individuals on the way who would like to be part of this journey and grow with us we call it our “Network Node”. One of our key criteria to connect with like minded organizations is their ‘Passion for Excellence’ & not seeking big profits but focus on small margins for each stakeholder by the way of creating value for our customers

If you are a company working in any of the above areas, connect with Tesfinity to learn more on to establish a win-win collaborative partnership to deliver high performance.
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