Academics & Researchers

Tesfinity Academic and Research Focus

An organization is as mature as its people. It is an established fact that in today’s world increasingly driven by knowledge employees are true asset of any organization. At Tesfinity, we put academia and research associates at our top priority and truly believe that success can only be achieved by academic inclusion.

Learning is a continuous journey at Tesfinity. We have a dedicated focus to provide right environment and opportunities to our academic nodes  in order to continuously bring-in their innovation to global market at a faster pace. In turn, as per our founding principles,  we ensure that wealth so generated is evenly shared with our academic nodes

Tesfinity Academic Inclusion Program

Tesfinity endeavors to establish collaborative partnership with colleges and academic institutions through out the globe to include students to provide testing services to global organizations. This provides a unique opportunity to students to experience the real world challenges while still in their college and provide solutions to the challenges faced by global organizations

Highlights of the Program

  • Location Neutrality - Student can become a Tesfinity Student Node and can participate from geographical location of his/her choice
  • Gamut of Options to choose from - Student can choose to work on any area viz. Test Consulting, Test Scripting, Test Execution, Innovation, Process modelling, Blogging, White papers, Industry Insights, Case Studies, View points, Customer communication and more.
  • Learning from the Global Network- This unique inclusive model provides an opportunity to students to get connected with the global collaborative network of corporations, academic researchers, marketing professionals, consulting experts and service providers that Tesfinity offers. Huge and valuable opportunity for students to learn and network and be futire ready for real world
  • Wealth Sharing - Earn while you still learn. Tesfinity believes in sharing of wealth. We share the wealth with our student nodes based on Wealth Sharing Policy
  • Career Pathing - Successful students are offered the choice to join Tesfinity as a Permanent Network Node to lead the initiative for customer or partner

Join Tesfinity Academic Network

Tesfinity’s global collaborative networked model works with academia, researchers, colleges, schools, universities, engineering institutes to bring in a fresh perspective and innovative research to continuously develop & evolve delivery models, processes and frameworks for delivering consistently high software quality.

We have set out in our journey to help other small organizations on the way. We would definitely like to meet & welcome other likeminded academic institutions or individuals on the way who would like to be part of this journey and grow with us we call it our “Network Node”.  One of our key criteria to connect with likeminded organizations is their ‘Passion for Excellence’ & not seeking big profits but focus on small margins for each stakeholder by the way of creating value for our customers

If you are a student, faculty, research associate, researcher, administrator, recruitment TPO or looking for industry internship. Learn more on how you can connect with Tesfinity to forge a win-win collaborative partnership to deliver high performance.
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