Why Tesfinity

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and in today’s increasingly flat world organizations are as competitive as their ability to smartly and strategically adopt and embrace the technological changes to their competitive advantage. Association with Tesfinity offers following advantages:

  • Strategy and implementation: Tesfinity helps develop pragmatic strategies that can be implemented rapidly and effectively. Our team comprises of experienced strategists.
  • Managed Implementation Services: We partner with companies having a proven track record in implementing large IT programs focused on achieving results.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end IT strategy services: We help address all aspects of IT change—from initial opportunity assessment, planning and strategy development through implementation.
  • Extensive experience: We are a leading provider of information technology strategy consulting services. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in implementing IT led transformation projects with clients around the world. We continuously enrich this experience through research and partnerships with academic institutions around the globe. Our constant endeavor is to develop innovative consulting models, create intellectual property, methodologies and tools that assist clients in quickly achieving their objectives while reducing both cost and risk.
  • Global reach: Tesfinity is growing rapidly by collaborating with the best-in-class talent, service providers and research institutions. Moreover our global network of experienced industry and business process professionals helps provide the combination of skills and knowledge needed by each client.

Our ultimate aim is to make technology more easily accessible and affordable for small enterprises by using the global collaborative best in class consulting, industry insights and practical advice thus enabling small organizations be more competitive; growth oriented and able to realize high potential from their IT investments. Through this initiative our objective is to help small and midsize businesses achieve their business goals by offering them shared advantages of resources, competencies & insights so as to create efficiency, excellence and agility.

Our Basic Premise:

  • Connect and Collaborate
  • Outsourcing may not be the future: however collaboration is definitely here to stay
  • Do not kill the Jobs: Kill the inefficiencies within.Develop Competencies within your teams to make your teams future ready
  • Do not follow the crowd: Embrace Technological changes strategically, efficiently and as per your business goals
  • Leverage Global scale: Knowledge, expertise, competencies & infrastructure to succeed in highly competitive market place. Learn more about ‘Global Collaborative Delivery Framework’