About Tesfinity

Tesfinity advises the organizations to leverage “IT as a Strategy” to achieve business goals. Our primary focus is to improve software quality with an aim to enhance usability, reduce costs and cycle time by ensuring that latest IT tools, processes and services offered by companies across the globe can be made accessible to all at affordable cost. We work in two key business areas — Strategic IT Consulting, and Managed IT B2B Services (Business to Business) in the areas of Technology services, tools and cloud infrastructure. Our real strength lies in collaborating the talents in these areas to address clients’ needs

Tesfinity adopts a consulting-led approach to help organizations quickly identify how IT can help achieve their business goals. We team with IT and business leaders to plan and deploy IT for the most value, helping them set the technology agenda and position the IT organization for strategic “Business Transformation“. This enables clients significantly improve their product quality, usability, increase efficiency and lower costs. By leveraging no frills expert strategy consulting frameworks, Tesfinity helps clients identify critical value levers to unlock value in software processes, which helps in efficient operations, driving down IT costs up to 40% & accelerate delivery of exceptional results.

Tesfinity’s consulting framework specifically adresses below Business Goals

  • Significant cost saving through legacy IT-Business process modernization
  • “Business Asssurance” at significantly lower operating costs
  • Consistent & Predictable high quality and reduction of reputational risks
  • Shorter time to market to increase competitive advantage
  • Transformation from People to pure process based organization

Tesfinity constantly builds strategic, long term collaborative partnerships with other companies to co-create solutions and deliver end-to-end services in the areas of IT Services and IT application infrastructure to our customers. This collaborative partnership model enables the creation of capability and scale required for delivering complete and focused solutions to our global customers for “Business Transformation“.